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Frequently Asked Questions


What is a UCLA Extension Custom Program?

At UCLA Extension, custom-designed programs are programs that are tailored to meet the specific needs of a particular domestic or international group of participants. Many custom-designed programs are adaptations of established UCLA Extension courses and programs.

Where are UCLA Extension Custom Programs offered?

Custom-designed programs can be offered on the UCLA campus in Los Angeles or delivered overseas. For programs held in Los Angeles, relevant course-related site visits can serve to reinforce and complement classroom lectures and discussions. Experienced interpreters also can be provided as needed.

Are Custom Programs offered in different formats?

The content of each course or program can be expanded, contracted, and/or adapted to meet the needs of specific clients. These programs can be offered in various instructional intensive formats typically lasting from one to three weeks; however, some programs have been offered in formats of up to 12 weeks.

How are Custom Programs implemented?

UCLA Extension’s Custom Programs Unit was launched in 2007 to provide quality custom-designed programs and outstanding customer service to UCLA Extension’s corporate, government office, and university clients. The unit is exceptionally skilled at developing and implementing custom-designed programs for groups of participants in Los Angeles and overseas. Working in tandem with UCLA Extension academic departments and program directors responsible for designing the curriculum and selecting the instructors for each program, the unit seamlessly provides preliminary schedules and price quotes, formal proposals, Visa-related support documents and other necessary preparations in order to execute the program. Opening and closing ceremonies, campus tours, site-visits, and instructor/vendor payments are all handled by the Custom Programs office as well as on-site troubleshooting before, during, and after the program to ensure everything runs smoothly.

How are instructors selected for UCLA Extension Custom Programs?

Custom-designed program instructors are selected from UCLA Extension’s extensive network of qualified instructors and business contacts. UCLA Extension has access to instructors who are leaders in areas such as digital media, education, entertainment, entrepreneurship, environmental issues, financial services, international trade, law, transportation, and many other fields. The majority of our instructors are working professionals who practice in their respective fields and bring a practical, hands-on perspective to our courses and programs.

How long do International Custom Programs typically last?

For clients outside the U.S., the length of a UCLA Extension custom-designed program varies, depending on the needs of the client. Typically, programs last from one to three weeks; however, some programs have been offered in formats of up to 12 weeks. Please note that the shortest custom-designed program UCLA Extension offers is three days.

How long do Domestic Custom Programs typically last?

For clients inside the U.S., the length of a UCLA Extension custom-designed program varies, depending on the needs of the client. Typically, programs last from one to three weeks; however, some programs have been offered in formats of up to 12 weeks. In certain situations, UCLA Extension has offered one-day programs for Los Angeles-based clients.

What are the steps involved in purchasing a Custom Program?

1. UCLA Extension first asks all prospective clients to submit detailed information about the program being sought.

2. Using this information, UCLA Extension supplies a preliminary price estimate and overview of the program’s “assumptions” or parameters explaining what UCLA Extension will provide and what the client will provide.

3. If, after reviewing this preliminary price estimate and overview, the prospective client chooses to move forward and has a confirmed group of participants, UCLA Extension prepares a formal proposal that provides additional details about program topics and format.

4. Once the client and UCLA Extension agree on the details of the proposal, the final step is to sign a Letter of Agreement (LOA). Please note that UCLA Extension will not sign an LOA until there are confirmed dates for the program. Also, UCLA Extension requires a minimum of six weeks from the time an LOA is signed to the program start date.

Is it possible to sell a UCLA Extension Custom Program to prospective students? (no confirmed participants)

No, UCLA Extension will only provide a formal proposal to clients with a confirmed group of participants.

Do you offer Custom Programs for high-school or teenage participants?

UCLA Extension does not offer custom-designed programs for high school students. However, during the summer quarter, English language instruction for international high school students is available for students enrolled in Summer Discovery, an intensive program for both American and international high school students. This program has been offered on the UCLA campus for over 25 years and offers a rich variety of high school, university prep, and other courses along with varied recreational activities, sightseeing tours, and excursions. Learn more about Summer Discovery.

In addition, UCLA offers summer high school programs through its Summer Sessions program and International Institute: UCLA Summer Sessions.

Is campus housing available for Custom Program participants?

UCLA campus housing is only available during the summer, from late June until early- to mid-September, and only on a first-come, first-served basis. Due to the high demand for limited campus accommodations, reservations should be made by March.  Prices vary depending on the type of accommodation and length of the stay.  Nonrefundable deposits are required to reserve campus housing.  For programs that happen outside of summer, UCLA Extension can recommend nearby hotel accommodations.

Do you provide campus tours?

UCLA Extension can include a short campus tour as part of a longer custom-designed program.  But if you’re only interested in a tour, contact the UCLA Campus Tour Office directly to make a reservation.

What do Custom Programs participants receive at the end of the program?

Participants that attend 80% of the program sessions will receive an official UCLA Extension Record of Participation.  Sign-in sheets will be provided at each session and will be used to determine session attendance.

Do Custom Programs offer online or distance learning elements?

If needed, UCLA Extension’s custom-designed programs can incorporate a distance learning element.  All participants must have appropriate internet access, including reliable, consistent connectivity.  If video conferencing is required, all participants also need a compatible webcam. UCLA Extension uses an application called Blackboard for course discussions, assignments, and alerts.

Do you provide sight-seeing tours of Los Angeles or program recreational activities for evenings and weekends?

UCLA Extension only providesacademic elements that are related to the educational goals of the program.  While we do not provide sightseeing tours or recreational elements, UCLA Extension is happy to do everything possible to refer our clients to third-party vendors who can assist with those sorts of needs.

How much interaction with UCLA students can program participants expect in a UCLA Extension Custom Program?

Very little.  UCLA Extension custom programs are delivered only to our client’s participants.  While participants may encounter UCLA students in passing on campus, no UCLA students will be in the classroom with them.