UCLA Extension

Meet Our Staff

Our team is crafted by committed and professional members. We are attached to the quality of every program we deliver from the shortest to the longest, and the smallest to the largest groups. Our main focus is to put together the resources that our client needs to meet its specific demand. We are able to tap into the vast resources of UCLA Extension and focus them specifically on your educational needs and are very flexible in what we can accomplish.

Every program is assigned a representative to provide clients with personal, one-on-one service. Meet the team who can help create your custom program.

Participants were warmly welcomed from their first steps onto campus.
-ITEC, Vietnam

Denis Couturier | Department Assistant Director

Denis manages international custom programs and
acts as liaison for all international clientele.


Vince Romero | Business Manager

Vince is the contract facilitator and he is responsible
for the financial processing of the programs.



Ryan Rusnak
| Lead Program Representative

Ryan plans, schedules, and administers domestic
and international custom programs.

Sam Treviño | Program Representative

Sam plans, schedules, and administers domestic
and international custom programs.


Susan Kang | Program Coordinator

Susan assists in the implementation of
domestic and international custom programs.