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International Education


International Education programs can be designed to adapt to a variety of different needs. 

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My mind is further opened and I know more about both myself and the world.
-Sun Yet Sun University Student, China

Global Business Management


This program provides participants with a comprehensive overview of the globalized digital entertainment industry – both current practices and future trends.  The program can be delivered to meet a wide range of needs, including specific marketing, management, and integration concerns involved with running an international business.

Sample Program Topics:

  • Principles of Sustainability

  • Foreign Investment Strategies

  • Managing Export/Import Operations

  • Managing Trade & Direct Investment

  • Designing Organizational Structures

  • Managing Political Risks and Acquisitions

  • Strategic Management Techniques

  • Creating and Distributing Content for the International Market

International Business Leadership


The program emphasizes the managerial process in the international environment and provides an operational assessment of the fundamental issues involved in the management of international businesses including high level management skills as well as leadership expertise.

Sample Program Topics:

  • Global Business Management

  • Brand Management

  • Delivering Effective Presentations

  • Leadership Communication Strategy

Quality Leadership


This program provides participants with the tools necessary to effectively manage a team of employees by implementing successful leadership strategies for a variety of situations.

Sample Program Topics:

  • Project Management

  • Strategy Mapping and Performance Measurement

  • Monitoring and Controlling Workflow

  • Communication Skills & Conflict Resolution

  • Leading and Motivating Employees

Introduction to Entrepreneurship


This program is designed to help participants with examining the essential elements of creating a successful business by teaching participants how to objectively analyze the competitive landscape in order to innovate and articulate their company’s unique value and implement a strategy to anticipate financial rewards.

Sample Program Topics:

  • Creating a New Business (New Venture Formation)

  • Marketing Strategies for Entrepreneurs

  • Pitching Your Idea

  • Developing Your Own Business Plan

Global Marketing & Social Media


This program provides an in-depth overview of current marketing methods, practices, and institutions from the perspectives of manufacturers, distributors, and consumers.

Sample Program Topics:

  • Marketing Principles and Practices

  • Social Media Marketing

  • Advertising in the Digital Age

  • Brand Management

  • Global Marketing Strategy

Practices and Trends in Hollywood


This program provides a “Hollywood perspective” on a range of entertainment platforms and media, from television and film to web and mobile as well as strategies for entering the American marketplace.

Sample Program Topics:

  • The Business of Entertainment

  • Strategies for entering the American Marketplace

  • The Future of Content Creation

  • Business Practices for Television and New Media

  • Project Pitching, Marketing, and Branding

Hospital Administration


This program is designed for international executives working in various hospital and medical facilities who are seeking to increase their knowledge of US Hospital Administration and best practices in medical service leadership roles.

Sample Program Topics:

  • Overview of American Hospital and Medical System

  • Doctor-Patient Relationships and Communication Skills

  • Professionalism and Ethics of Medical Professionals

US Financial Systems & Development

aboutUs_100561352This program is designed for international executives in financial administration roles seeking to increase their knowledge in the development and growth of American financial systems and its many facets including banking, capital markets, e-commerce, and risk management.


Sample Program Topics:

  • Overview of the US Financial System

  • Bank Management and Operation

  • American Laws and Regulations for the Financial Market

  • State of the American Finance System and its Capital Market

  • The Role of Government in the Development of the Financial Industry


Faculty Development


This program provides an in-depth overview of the current teaching methodology used across the US and can be customized to include analysis of higher education development and accreditation in the US.

Sample Program Topics:

  • Teaching Methods

  • Curriculum Development

  • Student-Centered Methodology

  • Planning and Goal-Setting

  • Evaluation/Assessment of Outcomes



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10-Day Program (full-day schedule)