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Program Orientation

At the beginning of each program, an orientation meeting for newly arrived students provides information on academic, administrative, and immigration issues, as well as on housing, transportation, health services, activities and organizations, and other student services.

Banking Details

Several banks near UCLA offer student discounts on monthly service charges for checking accounts, but you may have to contact more than one bank to find the one with services you need.

  • New accounts—Minimum balance typically required of up to $100. Banks require 2 to 3 days to open an account, but if you deposit an overseas check or bank draft, it may take up to a few days or weeks until you can withdraw money from your new account.
  • Identification—A passport, your I-20 and a credit card are typically needed.
  • Social Security number (SSN)—Not required. If you are asked for an SSN, ask the bank manager if a supplementary letter from UCLA Extension’s International Student Office (ISO) will help.
  • ATM card—Provides you access to cash from the bank’s automated teller machines and other ATM’s for a fee. If your bank issues an ATM that acts as a debit card as well, you can use it at most grocery stores for basic shopping and to get cash.
  • Online banking—Manage your account and pay bills via the internet.


  • Checking Account—If you are here longer than four weeks, you might want to open a checking account to use checks and credit cards for shopping. It’s not customary to keep and carry a lot of cash. See right-hand the sidebar for more information on banking.
  • Send/receive money from abroad—Two Western Union offices are less than 3 kilometers from school.
  • International currency—Can be exchanged to U.S. dollars at the Beverly Hills offices of Thomas Cook or American Express.


  • Cell phone—If you have a cell phone from home, you can convert to a local cell phone service.
  • WiFi—Free Internet service for your laptop computer is available at numerous public areas in west Los Angeles, including some restaurants and cafes, certain designated parts of the UCLA campus, and most local libraries.
  • Internet at home—Check with your housing provider or building manager for information on accessing the Internet from home.

Dashew Center for International Students & Scholars

The Dashew Center provides services, programs, and activities for foreign students and is a great way to increase social contacts. Located on the UCLA campus in the Bradley International Hall, 417 Charles E. Young Dr. West, (310) 825-1681  www.internationalcenter.ucla.edu

Library Cards

The UCLA Library, with more than seven million volumes, ranks among the top three university research libraries in North America. You can read books and magazines or study there without an ID card or a library card. To take books home, you need a library card, obtained at the front desk of the Research or College Library.

Postal Services

Express Post Offices
  • 10920 Wilshire Blvd., first floor (one block from UCLA Extension’s Lindbrook Center)
  • UCLA’s Ackerman Union, inside on the A-level
Full-Service Post Office
  • Federal Building, 11000 Wilshire Blvd., a short distance from UCLA and the American Language Center

Recreation Cards

Check with your program to find out how to obtain access to a variety of UCLA recreational resources:

  • Los Angeles Tennis Center—8 lighted tennis courts.
  • Sunset Canyon Recreation Center—25- and 50-meter pools with picnic/barbecue areas.
  • John Wooden Recreation and Sports Center—gym & fitness center, racquetball, basketball, and rock climbing.
  • Marina Aquatic Center—located at the Pacific Ocean, offers sailing, windsurfing, kayaking, and other nautical sports.

At a small additional cost, you can also take courses in fitness, sports, dance, martial arts, tennis, and swimming to have fun, learn new skills, relieve stress, and meet Americans with similar interests.

Religious Services/Houses of Worship

The Los Angeles community is diverse with places of worship for persons of nearly all faiths. UCLA student groups also represent many of the major faiths. The University Religious Conference at UCLA can help you contact religious groups on campus.

UCLA Social & Culture Clubs

UCLA’s Center for Student’s life lists hundreds of different clubs and interest groups open to all students. Many have an international and cultural emphasis such as the International Folk Dance Club, the Korean American Student Association, and the Chicano Latino Film Festival, etc.

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