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Transformative Strategic Thinking (4 Days)


Monday – Thursday,  9am-4pm

Course: MGMT 861.23

Section: 353895

Program Fee: $500

Program Fee with Hotel Accommodation: $1,000

Instructor: David French, MBA, president, David French & Associates, LLC, a business strategy consultancy

Spur innovation by learning new techniques for developing, implementing, and evaluating business strategies. Participants will be exposed to a wide range of management, leadership, operating and communications strategies and will problem solve and apply learning through practical, real world applications in a global environment. This workshop supplies the understanding required to manage day-to-day challenges in an increasingly competitive environment. All sessions are highly interactive and contain collaborative activities to reinforce the learning of new strategies.

In this program you will:

  • Reengage your analytical skills and see the world through multiple lenses
  • Genuinely understand what your market is telling you
  • Think like a manager, an entrepreneur, and inventor, a consultant and a customer
  • Learn to analyze data and solve problems from different perspectives
  • Combine design thinking with business strategy

Day 1: Seeing the World and Understanding It

  • Reviewing markets
  • Constructing analysis from current market data
  • Understanding your implicit biases
  • Breaking down large data, but not losing the big picture

Days 2 and 3: Changing the Perspective

  • Thinking like an inventor: New ways to do a task. How to innovate and bring an idea into something that can become useful/sellable
  • Thinking like an entrepreneur: Building and launching a product/business
  • Thinking like a manager: Growing a business efficiently and within budget
  • Thinking like a consultant: Ways to take standard practices to make an operation better when you are not involved in the day to day activities
  • Thinking like a customer: Would I buy that? How much would I pay? What “really” influences my decision?

Day 4: Connecting the Dots

  • Developing actual game plans based on team scenarios
  • Teams will collaborate to solve problems and design solutions based on the teachings of the previous sessions
  • Multiple scenarios will be presented and the work is live
  • Teams will develop programs and present solutions to a panel who will critique them and discuss their thought processes, feasibility and creativity

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