UCLA Extension

Engineering & Technology


UCLA Extension’s Engineering and Technology programs provide a comprehensive set of professional and continuing education courses in engineering, information systems and technical management to help you stay current with the industry trends and to maintain career growth.


The department also offers it’s own set of courses designed specifically for the needs of corporate education.  On-Site Subject-Specific Programs are included, providing additional cost savings by eliminating employee travel expenses and providing learning to team members at the same time with the same information.


These programs include:


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Certificates in Engineering & Technology are an ideal way to improve and increase skills in a particular area, or explore a new career in a different field. There are over 100 certificates and each is a sequence of courses in a specialized field that builds both theoretical knowledge and practical skills.


Sequential programs are also offered that are shorter course sequences, focusing on a particular area and conforming to the requirements of licensing boards, industry groups, corporations, and state agencies. These sequential programs are a great means to update your professional skills.


The courses provide a forum to learn many different management styles & techniques.
-Northrop Grumman, Los Angeles


Benefits of Engineering & Technology programs:

  • A large selection of evening and weekend courses
  • Several locations in Southern California in addition to the UCLA Campus
  • Large number of courses and full certificates available entirely online
  • Industry experts with extensive technical backgrounds who bring their real-life experiences to the classroom.
  • Most program training can occur at domestic or international worksites upon request
  • Wide range of 2-5 day short courses on engineering and technical leadership
  • Includes the Technical Management Program, providing leadership and management training to Technical and IT managers since 1955